dickson street

fayetteville arkansas




art 2008

in fayetteville arkansas

there was a small fringe the artist could survive in

it was calld dickson street

but now more likely knowd as dickson street inc.







this is the alley

i walkd  to get to

my last studio on dickson street

it was a big loft




dickson street has changed alot

over the years

but the locally ownd dickson street book store is still there




rosslyn chapel


and georges majestic still has its beer garden

where in the summer ur gonna find

college professors, hippies, redneks, bankers and a few artist dancing

to the blues or maybe the Cate brothers




the old rail road and the bridge

that crosses dickson

was something i usd to draw alot

one day just before i movd

my girlfriend and i were walking on it

and cops tried to arrest us for


(it was teh begginnning of the enddddd)






the UARK is an old movie theatre

that the sonnemans used to own

that now sells posters and stuff




its hard to explain

how an art center

can damage art in a small town

but the Walton Art Center movd in

with proctor and gamble

and soon enough

Dickson became an expensive place to be

and the local art supply store

on dickson went out of business




but with the great recession

condo develpers and speculators

went bust

and sure enough Dickson may well be

un desire able soon enough

making the cycle complete

for a few more weeds

to spring up

on dickson street






organ meat and lager

























my new art for 200007....





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