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"I've no particular religion but since I was a child, I have had special feelings to the land. I recall as a child sitting on a hill and feeling connected to a place. So when I'm at a site, the feeling of the site, the land, the earth, the eternal, is there."  Jeanie Marion, historian and author


mesa verde


the summer was over at the flea

i was so burnd out i almost drank my paint thinnr

but the crows wouldnt let me

everytime i was ready to throw in the towel

one of the dark birds would land on my shed

and something would wake inside of me

of course birds dont talk

and i didnt see some sort of magic symbol

but i did know

it was time to head into the desert



foto by dreamr

from wikipedia

Mesa Verde, Spanish for "green table", rises high above the surrounding country. For 750 years, the Ancestral Puebloans occupied the area within the park. From the hundreds of dwellings that remain, archeologists have compiled one of the most significant chapters in the story of prehistoric America. If you are able to leave your modern self behind and think only in the past, you may be able to understand and enjoy a fascinating story of life in earlier times.




sayd lets stay atop the green mesa

where the view is far and the storys close

and so we did

and that nite as we looked at the sunset

we could sea shiprock

almost 100 miles away






we took a long walk

on the only road at mesa verde that nite

it was late and very dark

when a car came whizzing up to us

it stopped and a window rolled down

a nice older man

with a heavy mustache and a heavy set craggy face


"you folks know there are bears and bobcats out here dont ya?"

we turned around and walkd back after that

reminded that the bears will

eat you





At Night



the pueblo indians

or Anasazis

ground corn and other grains

at the spruce house








this kiva

at the spruce house

was small and personal

and you could sea the sipapu

"the earth mother navel"

clearly from atop




foto by dreamr


the Anasazis disappeard from

mesa verde many years ago

but its hard not to sea

faces in these windows



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