clik hear for purgatory



Outsider Artist (my ass)



when i first started painting

someone tould me i was

"outsider artist"

which made sense to me

as i am completely self taught from the Ozarks

and have never had any real gallery support

(ok thar was that lady in florida who stole my art

at her coffee shop gallery)



At some point not long after that

famous outsider artist Anne Marie Grgich contacted me

and wanted to trade art with me

so i sent her one of my paintings

and she sent me one of hers...

i was quite happy about that as she is

really good at painting




Around this time she invited me

to her Yahoo Outsider Artist group

which was a place where all the outsiders and gallerys

got together on the internet which

i joined hoping something good

might come of it




but it didnt take long for me to ask

her the wrong questions

and she quickly kicked me out of the group

which turned out to be one of the biggest breaks

i have received in life



A couple of years later

after failing miserably to find a good gallery

i found the Tesuque Reservation Flea Market in New Mexico

where i was allowed to paint

and things have gone just fine since then

but its my first chance to publicly thank

Anne Marie Grgich for kicking me out of her

Outsider Art Group

im just no good at organized groups

and plus im not an outsider artist anyway

(i personally doubt thay exist except maybe on aisle B a the flea theres this guy

with a chainsaw who does good bears)

im way beyond any sort

of labels or groupings now

im a flea market artist



Flea Market Art

found multicrappia from the flea on a bord




this is a dangerousblack hole with a worm in it






Joan of Arc





santa fe new mexico


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