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april 26 2011

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the last two people on earth

big oily




god stuck her tongue
into my ear last nite
and then kissed my mouth softly before whispering
"she will always be but man will pass"
and it will not be to a heavenly father

written about by sheepherders
given a name men can say
re-edited by roman emperors
re-printed by corpse orations
creating an idol in mans image
(murderous with many wives &
and always in search
of validation for this preoccupation)


Mystique of the Grand Canyon

by Kat Livengood



and today
i wish i was standing at the edge
of the grand canyon
celebrating the beauty of nature
inhaling deep from the breathe of HER
into my body electric
exhaling my art
into a world disconnected
from the beauty of her breasts
known as the sangra de cristos
the forrests of her hair
full of wild horses
the sweet taste of her lips
known as lakes and streams
and the simple beauty of her body
known as the mysterious painted desert




Fenced In

by Kat Livengood



push beyond the mask
of poly ticks
and truth emerges
a people terrorfied by mystery
who destroy that which
they do not understand
about HER story
reducing life to
HIS tory





Wild Horses at the Badlands

by Kat Livengood



but today as i write this poem
letting HER guide my hand
i am glad that she speaks so freely to me
because our ears have grown deaf
from the noise of marching
to the sound of coins rattling in our graves
memorialized by phallic monuments to dead men
when we should be dancing to HER story
and returning
to the h earth
her e and now



Dancing at Shiprock

by Kat Livengood


the song i sing will be in celebration
of things not easily seen
nor traded on wall street
nor a biological necessity for life
as i dance with her e
i will sing of beauty, nature, kindness
compassion, generosity, fairness
and the invisible wind that blows
HER imagination from mountains to the desert
which i hope to capture
in paint and words



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