new art


foto by kat livengood



living in a dreamworld

full of signs, symbols & truthyness

sometimes i dont know

if its a snake i should be

worried about or

if that sign means

for me to watch my back




Need a ride?

photo by Kat Livengood



finding these two

on the side of a road

i wondered if leaving them

would come back to haunt us

i wondered if moving them

would curse us...




Eye 25

foto by kat livengood



2 plus 5 is seven

thats a lucky number





foto by kat livengood


every time i pass these signs

i laugh

and then worry

why cant i

get over all the questions

that dont add up

to everyone elses




new painting---april 2013



haunted by signs

and symbols

and mostly confused by truth

occasionally its clear to me

they are real/unreal

and then sometimes

a broken mirror

is just

something you dont

want to step on






the haunted hotel at cimarron new mexico


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