the Badlands




foto by kat livengood



the desert is a mysterious place

although most folks think

its always been high and dry

full of sand and rock

lizards, coyotes, dark birds

and not a tree in sight




a murder of crows


june 2010 after trip to badlands


but that wasnt always so

about 70 million years ago

the badlands of new mexico

was an oceanfront tropical forest

with 200 foot tall conifer like cypress and palm trees

inhabitited by tyranosaurus rex and a multitude

of carnivorous dinosaurs

crawling the land

with monstrous crockadiles patroling the waters edge

looking for an unfortunate snack



foto by kat livengood



but at some point millions of years ago

in a hellish scenerio

a huge explosion took place on earth

that blew sulphur and dirt

into the atmospere blocking the sun

which created "The Great Dying"

and the end of the Dinosaurs

and the beginning of the reign of mammals




Desert Horse




the bisti badlands is a well known

graveyard of dinosaur bones

and long dead petrified trees

but the anasazi also lived near this land

building complex cultures and trade routes

all the way to mexico

and you have to wonder

as many people lived here

where were these people buried?





doll made after badlands



and if thay werent buried

do there heads peak up out of the rock

like petrified wood

or dinosaur bones after a big rain thru the arroyo

or do their bodys become part of the land

like an odd rock or a strange formation

that reminds us of something human




wild horses


painting the week after the journy to badlands


that day at the badlands

when we were looking

at petrified wood

and thnking about the blue oceans

that once covered this high desert

we wondered where the anasazi

were buried and

if the old roads really lined up with the stars

but it was the two horses

running wild and free

that burned into my mind

how simple and powerful

things are out here

on the land



foto by kat livengood


we had heard of some dinosaur tracks

just outside of moab

so we took off north straight into Utah

and followed the colorado river

eventually finding ourselves

on a dirt road that took us to a dead end

so i got out of the truck

and did some land art with rocks

that began to take on the form

of a marker of some sort



foto by kat livengood



memory is what i often paint

not mine or anyone in particular

but i like to think

im tapping into some sorta collective rememberance

from the land

of something from the past

that tales a story

that we can learn from





big oily painted after return from Badlands


after all

we all tale our storys and wanna be rememberd

but maybe the land we are buried on

has more than our bones

maybe it carrys our memory




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