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by Kat Livengood




live on the mountain

near me

i know they are there

i can feel it

sometimes i think

i see them

but usually is just the flash

of a shadow





Wolf Dreams



late at night

i imagine

them following deer

thru the woods

waiting for a perfect moment

when the doe agrees

to their pact





wild life

painted multicrappia 2011



dark dawgs doing what they do

hunting on the meat trail

and living in the shadows

of the canyons

as they say

it is what it is

no different than humans doing

what we do






Dark Dawgs

painting i did last year


but when the moon comes up

i imagine them

winding thru the woods

and the sound of them padding quietly

on pine needles

going to a water hole

where they drink

under the stars

wolves being as natural as




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Dark Birds






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