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april 26 2011

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Bear Dream



oily painting


i dreamed i was a bear

looking for food in the cool

of the dark night

when i woke in the morning

i decided to walk like a bear

and act like a bear

as long as i could

there was nothing left to do

in this life

but what i had to do






dark bird perch

photo by Kat Livengood



the next night i dreamed

i was a raven perched

high over the flea market

watching all the busy ness

wondering what

it was all about

i sat there

sure of the sun

the rain

and the occasional deer mouse





chimayo coyote

photo by Kat Livengood


the next night i dreamed

i was a coyote

running across a mesa

carefull not to be seen

and looking for a rabbit

when i woke from the dream

i was alert

& nimble on my feet

clever and quick

and ready to play....




desert stallion

photo by Kat Livengood



the next night i dreamed

i was a wild horse

running free across the desert

i was the stallion in the back

protecting the mares

watching for trouble

but also looking for water

it was a good dream

and i felt limitless....





world views

oily combo painting


when i woke up the next morning

i was human

but more than that

i was solid as a bear

playful as a coyote

observant as a dark bird

and free

like a wild horse




county road 70

foto by Kat Livengood


so get out of your house

and walk like a bear

get off the net

and play like a coyote

quit reading the news

and watch the rain like a dark bird

quit listening to the talking heads

and run like a wild horse

create your own story

and live your own life






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